The New Resident

A new resident has joined us. I found this black widow living outside our bedroom slider.

The slider has a panel with a pet door affixed in place. I met her last night. Letting a cat in, I saw her skinny up a line from the door to the midpoint. Hanging there, she rotated, showing off her abs with its bold scarlet hourglass. When I brought the camera out, her shy side emerged and she shot up to her web in the corner.

I don’t know when she moved in. I chatted with her for a few seconds. She seems moody and distant.

I said, “Hi, I’m Michael.”

She studied me.

I shrugged. “New here?”

Silent staring was her response.

“So what do you do? Web designer?”

“Stay-at-home mom. Gotta go.”

She headed toward a space in the door frame, folding herself in, and pretended to sleep.

I took my photo and went away. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Maybe she’ll be friendlier next time.

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  1. Yikes. There aren’t any dangerous spiders where I live (yet) but I’d be so worried that one of my cats would go after it and get bitten. I’m hoping maybe cats instinctively know which spiders to leave alone? Because mine sure don’t stay away from the harmless ones.

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  2. Okay, so she would be dead. So very, very dead if she lived by me.

    First, well, the fact that it’s been cold enough for water to turn to ice the last several days would be part of it. But I tolerate no eight-legged creatures in or on my home.

    Venomous ones? I might use a whole can of Raid.

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    1. Yes, my sisters and most others share that approach. We have a let-live spider balance. Black widows are relocated if they live in the house; I’ve done five or six of those since we’ve lived here. I know of two living in the garage. They don’t bother us, so we leave them alone, although we’re careful about where we poke our hands. I’m afraid that I will need to destroy her nest, though. It’s not in a good location. I may end up relocating her for that reason. Cheers

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