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Liberfloofian (floofinition) – a collection of philosophies and movements seeking to maximize and uphold freedom and equality for animals.

In use: “What has liberfloofians concerned is a social sense that animals are less worthy to live and exist only as sport or food for humans.”


Floofzen (floofinition) – a continuous process to improve the lives of all animals, educate people about animal behavior, reduce fears and anxieties about animals, and end animal abuse and hunting.

In use: “Social media has become a powerful tool for floofzen as animal abuse and trophy-hunting incidents are put under the spotlight, and rescue organizations reach across geographic and economic boundaries to help each other rescue animals and stop abuse.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Began streaming this 1970 song yesterday afternoon during my apr├Ęs-writing walk-about. “For united we stand, divided we fall, and if our backs should ever be against the wall, we’ll be together, together, you and I.”

Although I often get down (trigger a background streaming of Kool & The Gang performing “Jungle Boogie” (1973)) by world events, especially with the rise of white supremacy and a growing impression that large segments of America’s population are concerned about only themselves, leading to a de facto policy of screw everyone else, and the Earth, too, singing “United We Stand” by Brotherhood of Man (1970) lifted my spirits.

Listen. Sing along. Hope.


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