I met a woman named Laurel today. She’s young and pleasant. I began wondering about her name. I’ve never met anyone named Oak or Maple as a first name. No Pine or Spruce. I’ve heard of Willows and Magnolias but have never met them.

What about Spruce? It’s in use, but way down at #12,611 in 2018 according to BabyCenter, and it’s a boy’s name.

I can imagine a female named Spruce. “Hello, I’m Spruce.”

“Oh, pleased to meet you, Spruce. Lovely name, by the way.”

We shake hands. “Thank you. I’m named after a tree.”

Works for me.


Exfloofvert (floofinition) – 1. A┬áperson who is outgoing or overtly expressive when they encounter an animal. 2. An outgoing or overly expressive animal.

In use: “Little Bit was waiting for him when he opened the door and entered. The two, who’d been reticent since he’d left that morning, became joyous exfloofverts as Bit purred and meowed, and he laughed, stroked her, and told her how pretty she was and how much he’d missed her.”


Floofledy-goofledy (floofinition) – a confused, disordered, or random collection of animals or animal-related objects.

In use: “After eating and playing, puppies, ducks, dogs, cats, and kittens settled in a floofledy-goofledy rest on a large sunlit carpet in the living room where it was almost impossible to discern where one animal began and another ended.”

Monday’s Theme Music

Back in my military days, it was a thing to hit a base club for a few drinks with peers. The clubs were usually segregated by ranks – Airman, NCO, and Officers’ Club, or Open Mess. Food and drinks were cheap, and then there was happy hour.

In 1980, I was stationed at Randolph AFB in Texas. One co-worker and friend used to immediately hit the jukebox when we hit the club, even before ordering. He’d always select this Triumph song, “Lay It On the Line”. Then he’d sit there, pensive, waiting for the song. When it came on, he’d sit there, singing it to himself, lips moving, absent of where he was and what was happening around him.

Never saw him again after Randolph. Looked for him but never found a trace.

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