“Rim of the World.” She’d spoken without preamble. They’d been quiet for about ten minutes.

Breakfast plates were spread around the table in front of her, along with a cup on a saucer and a silver teapot. Appearing about sixty, she was looking at an iPad.

A man, about her age, sat to her right reading a newspaper. He said, “That’s a Netflix show.”

“It’s on Netflix,” she said.

“I just said that. It’s science fiction.”

“It’s about some kids.”

“I know. I took a look at a trailer and added it to my list. I’ve been thinking about watching it.”

“It’s science fiction.”

“I know. I just said that.”

“Maybe we ought to watch it. It sounds like something we’d like.”

He flipped his paper and turned the page. “I’ll check it out.”

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