Floofdango (floofinition) – a foolish or useless act done by a housepet.

In use: “Among the dog’s many floofdangos was his willingness to charge the screen patio door and crash through it. They never knew the reasons behind the behavior, which is what made it a floofdango.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Walking through the town that’s my home, the many vacant faces I encountered coaxed “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins (1996) into my stream.

So many people use vacant, unwilling or unable to look at others. Their faces are often empty and sad. Wealthy, poor, homeless, students, male and female, I wonder what’s going on with them? Does life have them distracted, or are they hollow people?

Always something to think about when you’re walking, you know? Distractions from the dreams, they often end up as additions to the writing in progress.


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