“Rim of the World.” She’d spoken without preamble. They’d been quiet for about ten minutes.

Breakfast plates were spread around the table in front of her, along with a cup on a saucer and a silver teapot. Appearing about sixty, she was looking at an iPad.

A man, about her age, sat to her right reading a newspaper. He said, “That’s a Netflix show.”

“It’s on Netflix,” she said.

“I just said that. It’s science fiction.”

“It’s about some kids.”

“I know. I took a look at a trailer and added it to my list. I’ve been thinking about watching it.”

“It’s science fiction.”

“I know. I just said that.”

“Maybe we ought to watch it. It sounds like something we’d like.”

He flipped his paper and turned the page. “I’ll check it out.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

My dreams were were story dreams, basically telling of times when I seemed to live in other times and places. Some were futuristic, which were more interesting. I remember looking thinking in one dream, is this a dream, or knowledge of another life? It was fun and thrilling.

All that, on waking, took me on a walk through my characters’ happenings as I’m finishing¬†April Showers 1921¬†(first draft). I’m tying final plot and action strings together. Some of it’s a little knotty.

From those musings popped the Neil Diamond 1966 song, “Solitary Man”. That song amused me because those characters don’t know that song and would never think of it, or apply it to their lives and situations.

Then, though, I sat down to drink my coffee and read the news. One story was about an alligator in Florida attacking a woman. Into my mental music stream jumped old song lyrics, “Gator got your granny. Chomp. Chomp, chomp.”

I had several things wrong with that song. I thought Jim Stafford performed it, but no, it was Tony Joe White. I thought the song’s title was “Folk Salad Annie” but it was “Polk Salad Annie”.

Geez. At least I had the year right, 1969. I decided that “Polk Salad Annie” was my choice for Sunday’s theme music.

Sorry, Neil.


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