Sunday’s Theme Music

My mind seems like it’s always writing or thinking about writing. Yesterday, while yardwork was being done, I drifted into writing land to contemplate the great question, “What comes next?” Activities like yardwork, once engaged, usually requires little thinking, so it frees up a lot of brain energy. Boosted by yesterday’s entertaining session and success, I dove into the what’s next game and wrote in my head for a while, building a foundation for today’s progress. As I finished that, song lyrics popped up:

Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water
And I think of all the things, what you’re doing and in my head I make a picture

h/t to

That line right there feels like a writing song, right? Of course, it’s from a well-established song. My neurotransmitters were soon streaming “Valerie” by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, circa 2007. As I sang the song to myself, I remembered the video and went back and watched it again. I so enjoyed it that I thought it was ideal for Sunday’s theme music.

Pretty cool video. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you have an excellent day, no matter the day.

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