Panfloofism (floofinition) – the belief that housepets have consciousiness, intelligence, and rights equal to humans.

In use: “Her panfloofism kept her from marrying for several years because she simply couldn’t tolerate anyone who thought of cats, dogs, and other animals as dumb beasts.”


Floof-toll (floofinition) – a tax or fee paid to housepets for some liberty or privilege; compensation paid by housepets for services such as feeding, treats, and fresh water.”

In use: “The rescue was his first dog but he soon realized that floof-tolls were attached to everything. Whenever he stood still or sat, the dog came, sat on his foot, and looked up at him in adoration. In return, the dog warned him whenever a pedestrian, car, or another animal approached the house. Both enjoyed the other, and the floof-tolls, such as a scratch around the ears or a treat, were tiny tokens for the shared joy.”



Friday’s Theme Music

You ever have one of those days when you think, today will be a good day to skip work? Mostly happens to me on a Friday.

Hey, look, it’s Friday. At least, you know, in this quanta of existence.

I can’t stop being me which brings me to the conundrum of wanting to laze around and wanting to go get ’em! I thought, a little soothing music, and I’ll be good to go.

Here’s Beastie Boys with “Sure Shot” (1994).

It’s fun time.

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