Fitbit Progress

Reviewing my Fitbit YTD, I found that I’ve walked over twenty-eight hundred miles, averaging 7.85 miles a day.

I was wondering about it today because as I went to walk, part of me whined, “Do we haft to?” in its best three year old voice. “Can’t we take the day off?”

With a grudging grimace, I imitated Mom and said, “Let me think about it.” That quieted the quitting part of me while I checked my numbers. I hadn’t done that in a while. Yes, I check daily to see what I did the day before. Once in a while, I look at the weekly total. I always have a general feel for how much I’ve done without getting into details, but I don’t really look at the ongoing cumulative numbers.

After checking the numbers, I felt pretty good about my average and agreed to the partial day off. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Maybe with an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, I can make up today’s shortfall.



4 thoughts on “Fitbit Progress

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  1. I have stopped counting anything this year. And as such much of my efficiency has fallen by the wayside. I am now picking up the slack and lo and behold have to pick up the slack of others too. For when I became adversely ill, so did too their own fiery souls. Sheesh. A girls gotta do it all in this day it seems lol

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    1. Thank you, ~nan. Onward and upward, one step at a time – goal achieved. Now it’s time to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving it, reflect on what was done, and contemplate a new goal. Happy New Year to you.


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