Friday’s Theme Music

Today’s song choice, “You Talk Too Much” by Joe Jones, was fluttering along my mindstream this morning when I awoke. It seems like I’ve known it my whole life. Small wonder there. Wikipedia states that it was released in 1960. I was four then, but Mom liked playing it and singing it. I remember her singing it to me whenever I was pestering her for something, apparently her counter-measure to my non-stop demand. It would infuriate me to the point of stamping my feet as I demanded that she stop singing.

That just made her smile as she continued singing.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Theme Music

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  1. I remember this now from early childhood (I think I’m one year older than you) but my husband used to sing the George Thoroughgood version
    until I started singing Shut Up Just Shut Up Shut Up by Black Eyed Peas
    Our marriage has improved greatly. 🙂

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