Monday’s Theme Music

Today’s song came via the weather. Our forecast for today said it will be sunny but a drizzle was falling, so, you know, I was a mite skeptical. When sunshine finally broke through, so did a Donovan song, “Sunshine Superman” (1966).

I enjoy this video. Television, music, and entertainment all seemed simpler, didn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Theme Music

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  1. Following his LSD, then TM periods, what else was he to write? If you haven’t heard his album, Open Road, check it out. Very eclectic, a little edgy, but good music. Also if you haven’t seen Pennebaker’s documentary on Dylan, Don’t Look Back, there’s a segment with him and Donovan, and it ain’t pretty where Dylan is concerned.

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    1. Haven’t heard Open Road in a looonnnggg time, another album I once had but lost. Saw the Dylan doc yonks ago. Don’t remember a significant part of it. I think drinking may have been involved when I was watching it. I’ll need to find and watch again. Thanks, Bob. Appreciate the tips. Cheers


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