Wednesday’s Bumper Sticker

I’m curious about the genesis of this one. Makes you speculate, though….


Having secured the windows, and alone in his house, he opened the secret compartment that held his coffee stash. Breathing deeply of the smell released, he gasped with delight. It’d been two days, and he needed a cuppa.

Pounding on the door kicked his heartbeat into a gallop. Closing the compartment, he waved away the smell. Thinking more clearly, he turned on the exhaust fan.

They pounded again. As he said, “Coming, just a minute,” a woman on the other said side,  “Caffeine police. Open the door, or we’re kicking it in.”

The day he’d feared had arrived.


One thought on “Wednesday’s Bumper Sticker

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  1. It it’s not intended as humorous, it probably refers to laws about how much caffeine is permitted (per serving) in energy drinks. There may even be laws in some places against minors having certain energy drinks because of high caffeine content.

    (Technically, if there’s a law against it, extreme caffeine IS a crime, in which case the bumper sticker ought to say “Caffeine is not wrong” or “Caffeine is not immoral” or whatever.)

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