Another Disgusting Thing

I made coffee this morning and poured a cup but headed out without drinking it. That was about eight hours ago. Walking into the kitchen with my wife to begin making dinner, I spotted the cup of French Roast on the counter.

“Ah, coffee,” I said. “I forgot I had this.”

I downed the cup’s contents.

As I did, my wife made gagging and puking noises. I set down the cup and laughed as she expressed her horror. “Coffee is supposed to be consumed at the proper temperature.”

I frowned back. After four decades of drinking coffee, including cold, foul office instant in the field with the military, she was suggested there was a right temperature?

Naw, man. Coffee is coffee, hot or cold, long as there are no foreign objects like bugs, dirt, cigar or cigarette butts and human or animal body fluids and parts in it.

I do have standards, you know.


4 thoughts on “Another Disgusting Thing

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  1. I don’t like coffee that’s intentionally cold (iced coffee seems unnatural), but coffee that’s simply been allowed to reach room temperature is fine. I agree with you: coffee is coffee.

    I even tried fake coffee (the stuff made of roasted chicory) as research for a writing project. Fortunately, I don’t have to do THAT again.

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    1. I like iced-coffee although I rarely partake of it. The Japanese were years ahead, serving iced coffee in vending machines by the early 1980s. I drank chicory coffee; it doesn’t work well for me. That seems to be a coffee that’s either loved or hated. No in between. Thanks for reading and sharing, T. Cheers


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