Thursday’s Theme Music

Thursday again, naturally. May 4, 2023. Man, I remember writing 2011 as the year not long ago. 2000. The years dart past like playing kittens.

A bird on a wire, clouds in the sky. Quiet today, but relaxed, not like Ashlandia is holding it breath and keeping its powder dry. More, subdued. Clouds inhibit the warmth and sunshine. It’s 53 F, and a high of 60 F is expected. Yesterday’s late afternoon grew find after our 2 PM to 2 PM rain shower — blink and you missed it — rising to 68 F and feeling warmer for the sunshine’s due process. Dawn was already developing at 5:09 AM when Papi went out for another inspection, though sunrise wasn’t until a few minutes after six AM was struck. The sun will inhabit Ashlandia’s skies until after 8 PM.

We had a joyous time at the beer guzzle yesterday afternoon. Only way to describe it. Strong turnout, high energy, fun conversation and joking. Eclectic subjects. Always is. Our youngest member, Doctor P, recently retired department head at the local Uni., turns 65 next week, so he’ll be treating us all to beer and pizza.

Political news inspired The Neurons today. After reading a bit this AM and digesting what I’d read yesterday, The Neurons said, “I’ll show you a ‘god’ who falls asleep on the job.” I thought, what’s that from? A bit later, more song emerged, then click, recognition was achieved. Now “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse from 2006 occupies the morning mental music stream. It always reminds me of Uriah Heep from another era, which isn’t a bad thing.

Here’s the music. Stay pos. Coffee is onboard with me, so here we go. Cheers

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