Saturday’s Wandering Thought

Their household waste keeps declining. It’s a judgement he makes by observing how much is being rolled to the curb. Garbage collection is every week. They usually have less than a full bag to put in there. Recycling, done every two weeks, is typically less than a quarter full.

It’s like their waste is wasting away. It probably helps that they’re in their mid-sixties. They’re no longer inundated with mail inviting them to a new credit card, offering funeral or cremation services, hearing aids, living trusts, cable and satellite television connections, Internet deals, financial management services, or offers to join AARP. It’s just another way in which growing older pays off.

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    1. I have a car to show them, then, a white Ford 500. I regularly walk past it. It was half-filled with white plastic garbage bags at first. Oh, probably taking something to recycle or Goodwill. It kept filling. Soon, there was only room for the driver.

      Then they filled that.

      It’s entirely filled. White trash bags on the backlight, dashboard, all the seats, piled up to the window tops. I never see anyone put anything in it. Probably because they’re bodies being put out. Every killer knows you do that in secret at night. It’s Killer 101.

      I waiting to see what happens next. Cheers

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