Solstice Theme Music

Happy gray, foggy, rainy Solstice! Yes, it is the Solstice, December 21, 2022, summer solstice down south, winter solstice in my realm and other northern latitudes. Our sunleak began at 7:36 this manana. The leak will be done sometime after 4:42 this abend. Our temp is now 40 F after enduring a low of 36. We’re gonna spring up to 46 before sinking back down to 36 F for the night.

Lovely Solstice weather but the weather doesn’t matter on Solstice. This is a day for renovating energy and dreams, for looking ahead to the light and celebrating. I might even go dancing in the rain. Depends upon how my bones feel once I get out there.

The cats have decided that they’re not going out much any longer, because it’s not very warm out there. They sometimes forget, go to the door and demand exit. But the greeting scene prompts them to vent an irritated noise, whirled back and retreat into the hourse. I feel better with them inside, so I’ve no complaints.

Spent time reading about Trump’s tax returns this morning. Was thinking about starting a business, selling nothing, and writing off losses. That sounds like genius. It also sounds illegal. My business would probably be discovered within a year, maybe two, and then I’d be written off as a con man. Then again, maybe I’d run for Congress, make some more grand claims, see where it takes me. It’s Solstice! A world of possibilities awaits.

For Solstice, Les Neurons began pumping “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham (from about thirty-eight of Earth’s trips around the sun) into the morning mental music stream. Sure, why not, you crazy neurons. I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I’m going with it. It’s a rousing song. Maybe it’ll wake me more fully up.

If the song won’t do it, maybe coffee can help. I’ll have some Solstice coffee, please. It’s the same French roast which I drink every day, with a little splash of Solstice dust. My wife also made almond tartlets for her exercise class’s holiday extravaganza, and designated two for my consumption. One awaits me. I think it’ll go swell with coffee. Confidence is high on that as I’ve had them with coffee before.

Let’s get this day started. Stay pos and test negative. Here’s the tune. Cheers

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