Saturday’s Theme Music

Cool air is washing in through the windows as crows caw and talk a few blocks away and a small prop plane drones over the valley. It’s Saturday morning. When I was a nine-to-fiver, I’d jump out of bed on Saturdays and be out of the house by seven. It was all me time, private time. I’d be returned by ten and then the chores and errands kicked off.

So, just to clarify, I was never a nine-to-fiver. Just a term to express working a Monday through Friday work week. I generally started at six AM and was done by three PM. I preferred early hours. More was accomplished in the office before others arrived than at any other time of day. When I had really large projects, I usually went in on Sunday nights and worked on them, because nobody was there to disturb me.

Today is 8/13/2022. The sun quietly cruised into position in the eastern sky at 6:16 this morning and will cruise out at 8:15 PM. Someone posted yesterday on social media that “today is the last day that the sun will set after eight PM if you’re in the northern hemisphere.” No, my friend, it’s not that universal. Wide variances just by traveling a little north and south.

It’s currently 61 F but we’re looking for a high of 25 C. Not bad. Purple Air says our air quality is lime green today, hovering around the border between the yellow and green zones. Not too bad.

The Neurons have put a song called “Sisters” in my morning mental music stream. I asked, what the what? They sniggered. Written by Irving Berlin, the song gained wide popularity after it was included in White Christmas in 1954. Weirdly, these are things I know despite being born two years later. But White Christmas has been shown on television for most of my life. “Sisters” is a song my wife likes, so she sang it frequently. All that prompted me to learn more about it years ago. No clue why it’s in the morning mental music stream.

I rejected “Sisters” as my theme music. I also rejected “Mother” by Danzig. It was featured on Paper Girls, a Prime series which we’re enjoying. Instead, I repudiated Le Neurons by pulling “Tusk” out of my mind and put it into the morning mental music stream. I told my neurons, you’re not the boss of me. I’m not gonna let you tell me what to do, so there. “Tusk” is by Fleetwood Mac. Released in 1979, I find its percussion and the way the lyrics are sort of barked out to be soothing. Plus, it irritates The Neurons, ha ha ha.

Okay, going off on the coffee run to make it up to The Neurons. Stay pos, test neg, etc. Take care of yourself. Enjoy the music, life, and Saturday. Cheers

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