Tuesday’s Theme Music

Sunrise danced into our valley on tiny wings of light this morning at 5:33, heralding the start of Tuesday, June 15, 2021, with milky sunshine. Clouds and rain will cool the sun’s ardor today until backing out at 8:46 in the evening, letting us mark another day done.

I’m grooving to old ZZ Top this morning. Going through the head list of things that must be done, the activities my wife wants me to do, and what I’d really like to be doing called “Got Me Under Pressure” from 1983 out from the memory cloud, where it’s always hazy with a chance of fog. Stay positive, test negative, and get the vax. As for the mask, it’s really become murky in our zone. Stores say, “Masks required” on front-door signs, and will often mention that they must cover the mouth and nose. But there’s not enforcement. CDC and gov’t guidelines say, hey, if you’ve been fully vaxxed, the Gods are with you that you’ll probably be okay. But, beware of breakthroughs and variants. I still wear a mask shopping in stores and in public places like the library. That’s about the range of where I roam.

Here’s the music. Cheers

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  1. I hear ya, the whole mask requirement thing. Texas is no longer requiring it as a state, but businesses are, so everywhere you go here to shop you have to wear a mask. I’ll wear one until everyone is vaccinated. Great song pick by the way, very 80’s retro!

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