Saturday’s Theme Music

Hi. Saturday here. Sun came in and got me up at 5:44. I tried to let you sleep in but Sun kept cajoling me to woke you guys. I never know what Sun I’m going to get. Talk about moody. One day, he’s bright and sunny, warm and friendly, then, the next hour, he feels good and distant. Sun is a bit withdrawn today, sulking behind some clouds, spitefully withholding his heat. Don’t know the deal with Sun. He says he’s gonna hang around here until about 8:36 in the evening. Hope he warms up some by then.

You seem happy to see me. Am I right? Good. I’m happy to see you, too.

They tell me that I’m May 22, 2021. Okay. I don’t put much into that ‘date’ thing. I’m a day, okay? Always was, always will be. Though, let me tell you, around days, I’m one of the more stable ones. Seriously. Monday is often depressed, down, a little rushed, harried. Tuesday is okay, I guess. Wednesday, though, Wednesday often doesn’t know what to do with himself. On the one hand, he tells everyone, gotta work, gotta get this thing done, but then goes back and says, screw it. Leave it for Thursday. Then, Thursday is like, I don’t want it, let’s just go have a drink, get a little crazy, okay? Friday is left to get serious and pick up the slack a lot of the times, which, you know, is totally against his style, feel me? Then there’s Sunday. Gotta love Sunday. So laid back and relaxed, not a care in the world. Sometimes I wish I was more like Sunday.

Anyway, I got some music going on in my head, “Cheap Sunglasses” by ZZ Top. Know it? Came out in 1979. Now there was a year. The things I could tell you…but I won’t. “Cheap Sunglasses” is a fun song. Nothing deep to it, but lots of guitar. Just be like old Saturday, kick back and enjoy it, know what I’m sayin’?

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask when you got to, and get the vax. All the days are doing it. You should, too.

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