After the Doctor’s

We are gathered for a little hum-bragging. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

I had my annual doctor visit last week. After visiting with a doctor (or, physician, if you must), your mood can swing anywhere. Depends on what he or she said, right? And your general attitude.

I was going in with mild trepidation. I’ve been treated for hypertension, aka high blood pressure, and an enlarged prostate gland (BHP). Meds, diet, and exercise, are handling both. I’m peeing petty normally, not having an seepage (funny how that’s something to cheer about — hey, I’m not peeing myself — but sadly, it happens to folks), and my blood pressure is usually around 131/71 (with a heart beat of 72) when I check it in the AM.

It’s not really those things that cause my mild trepidation. I always approach things with an outward calm aspect that belies mild trepidation going on underneath. It does give me a little white coat aura with my blood pressure, typically raising it by ten.

This was the first time meeting my doctor, who is actually a nurse practitioner. I’d lost the last one, Amber, to her decision to move elsewhere. She began the telemedicine video call with a compliment about my smile. “You have a nice smile in your patient records photo. I thought, he looks like a nice guy. You have the same smile. It’s a really nice smile.”

Well, she won me over. Can I buy you a drink?

She introduced herself. ICU nurse for ten years before making the change last year. She’s been doing this one year.

We talked in specifics about my treatments. Nothing new to report. She gave a general appraisal, based on my blood work. “Everything looks great on your blood work. No diabetes, no A1C warnings, no indication of liver or kidney failure, nothing showing inflammation or heart problems. You’re like a unicorn, because it’s rare that someone who is almost sixty-five has so little wrong with you.”

I felt pretty good about all of that (except the part about almost sixty-five — ah, aging and pride). Since I had nothing showing up and no complaints, we’d make it the same time next year. Meanwhile, if something did come up (knock on wood), I’d contact her as needed.

Okay. Onward.

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