Wednesday’s Theme Music

We come now to the weekly pause, the groan, the hump, the mid-point, the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end. Or is it? Depends on your working hours and routines. For those who worked a lifetime, Wednesday might forever be a mid-point as thoughts go by, my God, Wednesday. Then they laugh, because they no longer care about Wednesdays.

Today is April 28, 2021, another day in semi-lock down, depending upon your status, political views on science, country, county, nation, state, household, needs. The sun made its bold entry at 6:11 AM, and it was a sight, piercing the air after a fanfare of growing light. Sun decline — makes as much sense as down, when you think about what’s going on (how’s that work in the flatworld?) — comes at 8:07 PM. Four more minutes and we’ll make the fourteen hour mark for sunshine.

Temperature’s reflect it, with the sun pushing the highs back into the upper seventies today. Ah, I am enjoying it.

Yet — awakening atb5:56 AM (per Meep’s schedule), I listened and then thought, ah, the heat is on.

Boom. Hello Glenn Frey, with his 1984 single, “The Heat is On” from the fil-lum, Beverly Hills Cop, which was a fun flick.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

A Blue Puzzle

I was a young boy, sitting on the floor, putting together a puzzle. Every piece was a shade of blue. Most were dark blue. The pieces weren’t like jigsaw puzzle pieces but were irregularly shape and not interlocking. Sometimes they seemed like they were pieces of tin while other times, they were cloth. Those differences peeved me. How was I supposed to put them together when they were such different materials?

People were going by. No one stopped to help, although an old man, in an overcoat, with a hat and cane, sunglasses covering his eyes, stopped to watch. Aware of his presence, I began working more diligently. Achieving some success, I became happier, more determined. Wrestling I found some tin snips. I saw no reason not to use them and started cutting shapes to fit together. In minutes, I had completed the puzzle. It was a large, uniformly blue rectangle, like a flag.

Awakening, I thought, I pulled a Kirk, cheating on the Kobayashi Maru Test, to win. Hah!

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