A Writing Dream

First, my wife and I were wrestling in bed, and then playing with a kitten. Yeah, that’s all there was.

Next, I’m at work. It’s clear that I’ve returned to work. Although it’s not anywhere recognizable, many people were welcoming me back, and my assigned work space was one I’d previously used. My old passcode also worked: 3871. Well, great, cool!

I was also given a new location to work. I went over and checked it out. As I was, a man came by. I recognized him as a great writer. He stopped to look at what was on my screen. Then he moved on without saying a word.

His presence excited me. I returned to my original work station, grabbed that computer and brought it to my new location. The great writer was still ambling about, looking at everyone’s screen. I put my latest up, then stood back, hoping he’d come by and give me some encouragement.

I laughed after I awoke and thought about; just hanging around, waiting for the great writer to come by.

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