Some Dream Highlights

Such a strange, long dream.

At one point, I let a little pet mouse out of the bathroom into the rain. Yellow walls and a naked yellow light, decrepit age, and a sloping dirt floor defined the bathroom. I didn’t want to let the little mouse out. I knew it was storming and night, unsafe conditions, to me. I didn’t know what the mouse knew. Letting him out with regret, I vowed to check on him.

Then, dreamshift, I was at work, a new job with a familiar feel. A new boss arrived. Others were at work at clusters of desks. I was shown a desk that was to be mine but decided to find and reclaim my previous place, which I then did. I cleaned it, finding old stuff of mine. Sorting it, I decided what to keep and toss. Then, speaking with a female co-worker, I re-oriented my desk to watch the front door. I told her that I wanted to see what was going on. She agreed that was the best way to face.

My mail was delivered. It was a lot but not as much as I expected. Off I went to find the rest. As I began, the office administrator arrived with a large bundle of mail for me.

Now, dreamshift again, I was leaving with my wife to return to our hotel. First, I went back to the yellow bathroom and pulled open the door. The little mouse hurried in from the rain with a grateful look my way.

My wife and I were walking through a large market on the way back to the hotel. Then she said, “I want to get something.” I asked her what. She replied but I couldn’t hear her. She went off, leaving me to mill around.

Friends in the military came by, heading to the marshalling area to deploy. I was happy to see them. Walking with them, I told them about changes in the area because they weren’t aware. Breaking off as they arrived at their destination, I joined up with my wife. She was still shopping. Like before, I asked her what she was after. She replied but I couldn’t hear her. She went off, leaving me with a commiserating shop owner. I decided to continue to the hotel instead of waiting.

Dream end.


4 thoughts on “Some Dream Highlights

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  1. I like that the mouse came back.

    I had a strange dream last night and I can’t figure out what to make of it. I planted a small leafy plant inside a kitten’s mouth. Then I got worried that the kitten wouldn’t be able to breathe with all the leaves, so I tried to take it out again. I remember thinking it should be easy to remove because the roots wouldn’t be established yet. But when I tried, the plant resisted and the kitten cried like I was hurting it trying to take out the plant. So I ended up leaving it and the kitten was fine. Usually I can get a sense of what a dream is about, but this one just eludes me. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me sharing.

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    1. No. don’t mind the sharing at all. Yes, usually writing the dream illuminates it for me, but there’s a few times when I’m left perplexed. Thank you for reading and commenting. To happy (and understood) dreams. (BTW, to my mind (and I’m probably wrong), your dream is telling you that something bothering you isn’t a problem, so leave it alone.)

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      1. You post a lot of good stuff– I just hope my comments aren’t too annoying.

        I think that’s a good interpretation of my dream– one I hadn’t considered (something… isn’t… a problem?) Thanks for the help! 🙂

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