The Peculiar Television Show Dream

This dream had me watching and listening to a television show. See, my eyes were closed but the television was on. On television, they were talking about pratfalls.

For a while, though my eyes were closed, I could see the television. I watched as a woman was being interviewed. Wearing a white pleated skirt, high heels, and a golden shirt, she explained how to correctly do falls. As I fell deeper asleep, the television screen faded, but the audio remained. I heard the interviewer (a man) say, “Here, you put your hand on a rail, but then flipped over the rail.”

When this was said, I could see her again. She was walking up a white sidewalk toward a green handrail. She put a hand on the rail and flipped over it.

“Yes,” the woman replied.

“Let’s see that again in slow motion,” the man said. “You can talk us through.”

I opened my eyes to watch. The sound stopped. There wasn’t a television on, of course, and no show to watch.

I felt completely perplexed. It’d seemed so real but it’d just been a dream.

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