Super Rant

I have a super rant today about the overuse of super. Things are super-clean, super-neat, super-simple, super-priced, and super-super. It’s super-irritating. Like literally, super has lost its super meaning, becoming another empty word used as a synonym for that overused word, very. Guess this is progress, or just change. It’s how the language grows, mis-employing words that aren’t understood to give them new meaning.

I guess I’m an old crab. Coffee, and make it super-quick.


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  1. Many words have become overused of late. I have a problem with the overuse of the word f**k, and other crude phrases.
    I myself don’t curse, but it just seems to me that the prevalence in the use of profanity shows a lack of vocabulary. There are much better ways to express oneself. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but that’s how I feel.

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    1. Yes, I’m an F guy. It was never said around our house but my school and neighborhood inculcated the practice. Being in the military twenty years didn’t lessen it. But, I’m cognizant that it betrays patterns of thinking, speech, and interacting, and that it offends many, so I try to respect others’ air and not use it. I’m prone to invoking it in writing, though. Old habits. Old, thoughtless habits.

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      1. The army didn’t do much for my son’s language either. I think almost every picture of him I have from those days has someone in it giving the middle finger salute!😄

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