Tuesday’s Theme Music

Once again, the cats contributed to today’s theme music selection. My three boys – Boo, the big black tailless tom, Papi, the orange flash, and Tucker, the black and white long-haired enigma – were following me around. I’d already fed them, but that didn’t stop them from tracking my location and activity.

The three boys do not co-existent in peace. On some days, they glare at one another like they’re bent on mutually assured destruction. One these days, when one violated another’s space, loud, angry warnings were issued. Of course, one cannot issue a warning without the other issuing a warning back.

They weren’t doing this today, though. I suspect the snow and cold were disturbing them. Temperatures in our neighborhood dropped to twenty-one and snow fell all night, so no cat was permitted to go outside. That means, pent up energy. 

Talking to them, though, I said with mild irritation, “I don’t know what you guys want. I can’t read your poker faces.”

Click, Lady Gaga and “Poker Face” (2008) began streaming.

I began singing the song to the cats, doing a little dance for them as I did.

I couldn’t tell if they liked it or not.

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