He stepped aside to let a woman pushing a shopping cart go by. A young girl in the cart’s child seat said, “Mom, while I ever be big enough that I don’t have to ride in the cart.”

Mom replied, “Yes, you’ll be big enough sooner than you think.”

The man said, “I wish I could get in a cart and ride around.”

The woman laughed. “Yes, I would love to be in a cart and have someone push me around.”

As the adults laughed, the child stared at them. Then the man rounded the corner. Encountering a woman in a wheelchair, he began re-thinking his wish.


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      1. I am such a fucking fan girl of everything I like, I like to show off my connections. So my super dooper hard on for that documentary is something that kind of paved the way for my to (hopefully gloat a bit) and up being BFFs with the sisters of a Paralympic Beijing gold medallist, he’s an Aussie Steeler (squeee!!!). Fuuuckkk!!!!! Haha. Cutie. But I barely know him.

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