In Green

I’m wearing green today, homage to St. Patrick’s Day in America.

I don’t celebrate holidays much, and celebrate them less as I age. I don’t look forward to them much. Putting out decorations rarely occurs to me.

After thinking about it, I’ve realized that I little associate with the external world. Events are remote. I live by and enjoy the internal worlds created as I imagine and write. It’s a problem, and it’s a benefit. The problem is that my wife is exasperated because I’m not all up about holidays like other people. The benefit is that I feel like I’m successfully writing, and that makes me happy. Like most things in life, the value is on a sliding spectrum, and changes often.

I suppose I could change it, or try, since I’m now aware, but I’m not inclined to do that – for now.


3 thoughts on “In Green

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    1. Yeah, I can take those worlds and think of their problems, and come up with solutions and discussions that lead to results, whereas, in this real world, that’s a lot of talk and waiting, and very little action. Plus, in my internal world, I time-travel and head for other worlds. Sometimes, I’m a space-pirate (would that be a sparate?). It IS the best.


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