The Norms

A young woman was in the coffee shop with her infant. She was meeting two friends. The three had a lively conversation going on.

They were located right beside me. The young mother had her back to me, but would look around at me every once in a while. I suspected that she wanted to breastfeed her baby, but was either concerned with my reaction, or didn’t want me to see it.

Either way, a woman breastfeeding her child isn’t something that bothers or thrills me. When she began breastfeeding, I noted her activity on my awareness’ edge but didn’t make any move to look, etc. I mean, one, I was busy writing. Two, really, a boob? And a feeding child? Is that something to get excited or upset about?

I don’t think so.


2 thoughts on “The Norms

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  1. I might glace at people eating, but that’s to see what they are eating and to see if they like it or not, but for babies, I know what they are eating and… I really don’t believe they eat for enjoyment.
    *** in other words, I don’t watch breastfeeding babies either.

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