Floofkitty (1) (Definition): Aggregation of shed cat hair that resembles another small cat or other animal, or bushes.

In Use: “We moved the the refrigerator for cleaning, exposing a herd of floofkitties that took flight with the wind currents, as though they were frightened by our presence.”

Floofkitty (2) (Definition): A cat with a super-abundance of fur that provides the cat an illusion of being larger than they are.

In Use: “Quinn, a floofkitty that resembles a raccoon, looks like he could weight sixteen pounds, but tips the scales at half of that.”


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      1. I should say, former barn cat. When we were looking for a cat, he was this tiny kitten and trotted over and let my daughter pet him. All of the other kittens hid from her. Got himself a cushy home, three square meals a day, and treats. He sleeps on her bed all day while he waits for her to come from daycare. Good decision on his part.

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