Can there be us, if I can’t see what you see, and you don’t hear what I hear, and you fear what might be, while I strive for what could be, and you worry about what could be, while I worry about what might be, and we can’t understand what the other understands, and the present and the past are broken mirrors of success and failure?


The Energies

He doesn’t want to be with her, because she’s crazy.

He avoids being with him, because he’s sick, and he doesn’t want to catch whatever he has.

She must be avoided, because her neediness exhausts him.

He can’t stand being with them, because their smugness enervates his Chakras and burns down his soul, and they must be ducked because their ignorance diminishes his joy.

So he tramps around by himself, struggling to find the right energy between the buildings and trees, and praying to the sun for help.

If Only


If only there was more time

If only he hadn’t had a gun

If only she hadn’t said what she did

If only he’d walked away

If only they’d never met

If only they could do it all over again

If only it hadn’t begun

The Laments

Rising late, he moves like he feels old as stone. Boiling water for tea in the kitchen, he coughs out the night’s dust. His hacks echo through the house, debilitating his soul, and leave him wheezing and gasping, his eyes tearing. Sipping tea, he takes his meds and vitamins.

In his living room, he sits in his leather recliner, a gift from his wife before she died, and opens his notebook, recording the day by time, activity and amount. Then he turns on the television to the news, and surfs the net on his laptop, bemoaning the world’s news while shouting, “You fucking piece of shit,” at his computer when pages fail to open and videos don’t run.

Tiring of this when then noon has come, he laments his life, plans his meals, and decides to dress and go wash his car. There are things to do.

He just doesn’t want to do them.

Today’s Theme Music

You hear it said so often. I was pleased and impressed that someone finally put it to music.

When I was growing up, the expression, “That’s the highway to hell,” was commonly heard. When someone disagreed with a position, it wasn’t surprising to hear them say, “I think that’s the road to hell, if we do that,” or, “You know what they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

It took that Australian band, AC/DC, to turn the expression into a hard-rocking hit. Between its standing as a rock music staple, and use in video games, television shows, and movies, few in the western world have probably not heard the song, or at least its opening guitar riff, or chorus. It’s a good anthem to stream in your head as you tramp around. Singing with it is good for releasing some angst.

From nineteen seventy-nine, here we go.

Floofasaurus Rex

Floofasaurus Rex (Defintion): a huge, dominating, powerful animal, thought to be the biggest and most amazing creature in the world. Catalogists have since concluded that Floofasaurus Rex did not exist, but was the product of people’s overactive imaginations.

In Use: “A T-rex came over the hill, shaking the ground with its weight. and splitting the air with its sound. Hearing it, the Floofasaurus Rex stood up from where it had been sunning. Floofing out its fur, the Floofasaurus bared its canine teeth and issued a long, sharp growl. Hearing the sound, the T-rex carefully backed away from the Floofasaurus Rex, preferring to avoid battle with the acknowledged queen of the land.”

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