Today’s Theme Music

Crowds. Traffic. I dislike these things, and try avoiding them.

I’m also thin-skinned, dislike criticism, and try to avoid it. I also try to avoid attention of any sort, preferring to be on the sidelines, even as I attempt things that draw attention to me. Yes, I’m your standard, complicated human mess.

These predilections drive me to choice. I usually perceive the negatives – the negatives of trying and failing, or going to parties or festivals, and enduring crowds, or the negative of attempting something new and doing a poor job that will give others opportunities to mock me. But those choices, hemmed in by the possibility of being a negative experience, fence me in.

Aware of all of this, I’m trying. I try to be more positive and open. I try to armor myself against criticism, and go for it. I probably fail at both aspects more than than half the time.

This thinking brings me to today’s theme music. Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice,” from the year two thousand, featured Christopher Walken dancing in a hotel. I’ve always thought it was a pretty cool video, which was directed by Spike Jonze. The words repeated throughout the song include, “You can go this way, you can go that way.”

That’s about it. We all make our choices and endure the results. We can go this way, or we can go that way.



Dreams of Saving Babies

Oddly, I enjoyed two variations of the same dream last night.

Each began with me driving a car. In the first, a man, who I think was Latino, began shouting and waving. Looking back, I saw a baby stroller with a child in it racing down the highway toward me. Changing speed and course, I dropped back until the stroller caught up with me, matched speed, and snagged the stroller handle through the window. After bringing us both to a stop, I put my hazard lights on and began waving at the oncoming traffic in warning while I awaited the parents(s).

In the next part of the dream, I saved a child again. This time, I was walking with friends through a plaza, when a child fell out of a window. Seeing what was happening, I managed to catch the child and return her unharmed to her mother. I then remarked to my friends, “That’s the second child I saved today.” They tried convincing me it was a dream as I told them, “No, it was real.”

Then, as the second feature on this dream night, I was walking through a department store. I was wearing brown leather sandals, but somehow misplaced them. Most of the rest of the dream was about looking for the sandals, explaining to others that I’d lost them and what they looked like, and looking at other sandals to see if they might be mine.

I then returned to saving babies. Again, I was driving. A child in an unattended stroller rolled toward traffic. Seeing it, I maneuvered my car to protect the stroller from other cars and then herd it to a stop. Then, I was walking with friends through a plaza when I saw a child about to plummet over the edge of walkway. Racing over, I caught her before she fell. After returning the child to her grateful mother, I told my friends, “That’s the fourth child I’ve saved today.” As they protested that I’d dreamed it, I realized it was true; I’d twice dreamed I’d saved two children.

And then, I awoke.


Waterfloof (Definition): a classification of cat abnormally obsessed with or attracted to liquids, and their receptacles and vessels.

In Use:¬†“Time and space had to be allotted for Jade’s activities. A true waterfloof, running bath water drew her presence. Her subsequent routine was to splash paws through the water, splashing about with feline joy.”

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