As I Edit

As I read, I edit.

As I edit, I check on the pauses and look at notes to confirm continuity.

As I read and edit, I’m surprised and delighted by how well the novel comes together.

As I’m delighted and surprised, I’m nervous and anxious. Will the enjoyment I find be sustained, and will others enjoy it as well?

Then, as I read, I forget.

Until there’s another pause and I edit again.


The Next Step

The next step arrived as an epiphany during a cataclysmic night of grief. He arose to think it through, but not much time was spent on that. More instinctively than intellectually, he knew what he was going to do.

Some second thoughts came when he checked the nets to see how much the next step would cost, and compare that to his assets. It would almost wipe him out. But the decision felt right.

He closed his heart around that and embraced it with his mind. Stepping into the hygiene, he cleaned his body and compiled fresh clothes while devising his action steps. His home systems weren’t sufficient for something as complete as he contemplated. He’d need to go to a clinic. Cleaned up, he ordered a fresh bulb of sugar coffee and sucked on it as he chased decisions on the webs. Dozens of clinics could do the work. Prices were comparable – of course – on the standard net, used by the vast majority of middle-classers like him. The gold net and platinum net served the wealthier classes. They would be much more expensive but they would probably provide the best service. He could have it done on the stone net that served the poor, but quality suffered.

There was the dark net.

The dark net scared him. However, he liked its optics for covering his actions. The scheme called for continuous duplicity, and living dual existences, really.

But he wanted to do this. Ceran was killed, murdered, damn it. No one knew who did it. It seemed painfully random. But he wanted to find her killers. Not for justice, but vengeance. So, he would become her, having his body and face modeled to look like her. Then he would live as both of them on the nets, to keep everyone off-balance, and find her killer.

Yes, it seemed like the correct and perfect next step.

He should have realized that was apparent to others, as well.

Double Bonus Day

I’ve made one thousand posts on this site since I began posting in May of twenty sixteen. This is also National Donut Day. To honor these two events, I’m having pancakes.

I will probably drift down toward Puck’s Donuts in downtown Ashland and linger. The smell of freshly fried donuts blending with the wood smoke of pizza places, grilling burgers and onions, is maddening and delicious. If a town can be said to wear a scent, Ashland’s eau d’ cologne by the Plaza is Puck’s Donuts.

Maybe I should start marketing and selling food scents.



Floofledoppel (Definition): Two (or more) look alike cats.

In Use: “The two tuxedo cats approached one another and sniffed the other’s face, so much like floofledoppels, that their white whiskers curved in the same manner under their triangular pink noses, and their long, narrow tails displayed the same droops.”


Kitone (Definition): the sound made by a young cat.

In Use: “Following escalating kitones, Marcia discovered three ginger kittens in a basket on her back porch.”

Today’s Theme Music

Trump is attempting to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. Some say, including lawmakers, say, “It doesn’t matter, God will save us.”

Better get started with your praying then, because where are you going to run to when the water is rising, and the rivers and seas are boiling? Here’s Nina Simone with her powerful rendition of “Sinnerman” to get things rolling.

Sinnerman, you ought to be praying.


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