Today’s Theme Music

This duo began recording and performing a few years ago. I didn’t know Marian Hill was a duo. I thought, “She has a nice voice.” The song, ‘Down’, has unusual and interesting conflicts and contradictions. The piano is generally soft, tentative and mellow. The singer sounds distracted, like a person might sound as they observe another and try to connect with them, but the word images are immediate. She’s asking if the other is down as she describes a dance scene at a club. There seems ambivalence about whether she’s asking if the other is down with going out and dancing, joining the others, or down, as in a depressed emotional state.

I like all that. I’d never seen this video before today. Their intro explains some that I researched after singing the song to myself yesterday.

Here is ‘Down’ from 2015. Hope you enjoy streaming it in your head as you walk around.

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