Surfing the net, scanning the news, I come across the tending news on Bing:

Stories you may have missed: “EnvelopeGate”


First, will we ever discard the fucking ‘gate’ suffix? They probably posted it as a joke but it’s worn out as a joke.

And this is your trending news? Something that happened last Sunday night is your trending news on Friday? Something of little significance, too.

Oh, Bing, how do your algorithms work? In a world of change, conflict and strife, where political and historic norms are being challenged and social advances are being re-examined, where the very intent of many governments and their structures are being questioned, in an era when people’s freedoms and lives are being proscribed by civil war and violence, and earthquakes caused by human activity are on the rise in America’s heartland and the polar ice caps are melting with Antarctica hitting record highs – sixty-three degrees F – is this really what America is investigating, searching and following?

Good God, I hope not.

No, it’ll probably lose out soon to a new song, a new phone, a NASCAR race, or the NFL combine. There’s the scandal.

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