Community Effort

Several friends, Bob and Ellis, were in the coffee shop, sitting at a table a few feet away. Both are regulars. Bob comes in and does the Times crossword puzzle every day.

He shouted to Ellis, “I can’t get this clue. Can you help? It says, James Coburn film, In Like. I don’t know what it is. Do you know?”

“What is it?” Ellis shouted back.

Bob shouted his request again.

Sitting nearby, Michael shouted, “In Like Flint, Bob.”

Ellis said, “Let me think.”

Michael shouted, “In Like Flint.”

Bob and Ellis looked at Michael. “What’s that?” Bob asked.

“In Like Flint.”

“Flynn fits.” Bob looked at Ellis. “You ever hear of that?”

“It seems familiar,” Ellis replied.

Bob beamed at Michael. “It fits. Thanks, Michael.”

“You’re welcome,” Michael answered. “Sometimes it takes a community.”

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