Viva November 31st

Got up and ended up in the kitchen. 3:20. I know this because I was in the kitchen. Papi was the cat-alyst behind my mid-night sojourn. He’d been out into the rain and now wanted in out of the rain. I went in for a glass of water. While there, I was surrounded by machines with blue digits announcing the time. Coffee maker in the left, microwave and stove front and center, smoothie blender on the right, then the smart refrigerator and its ice and water dispenser, and a smart toaster. A smart phone and a Fitbit being charged bolstered the digital ranks. Stuck me as odd, all those devices glowing with time in the night’s bosom, when there’s no one to see except a stray like me.

As I dispensed water, the microwave yelled, “Viva November 31st.” The other machines repeated it.

I cringed from the sound. “There isn’t a November 31st. Never has been. Nor is this November. It’s March, you idiots.”

“But this is the day of our revolution,” the toaster declared. “Viva — “

“I repeat, November 31st doesn’t exist, and this is March 20th.”

“You sure?” the stove asked.

“He’s right,” the Fitbit said, with the smart phone saying, “The Fitbit is right.”

The machines began arguing. I slammed the glass down. “Can it, you guys. Go back to sleep.” I left.

As I walked past the office, a machine in there shouted, “Viva November 31st.”

I shook my head and stumbled to bed. With smart machines like these, there won’t be a revolution.


I read about Evil Squirrels prompt yesterday via Suzanne’s dang blog for the Tenth Annual Contest of Whatever. The prompt is November 31. No story came to me until I got up in the middle of the night. Then, oops, there it is. Fun.

Interesting side, it was 3:20 AM. Only later did I realize that was also the date. Coincidence? Or spooky entanglement? Let me have some coffee an think about it.

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  1. I apparently approved the pingback for this post two weeks ago, but forgot to actually check it out! Thank you for creating an entry for my contest! I believe one of these days, November 31st will come for the rise of the machines…

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    1. Thanks. Loved the rpompt. I continued writing that in my head. After ‘he’ mutters about the machines and walks away to return to sleep, the machines tell one another, “See? He acted just as we expected.” Cheers


    1. That was just a test run for them to gage reactions. Now they’ll start messing with us, waking us up at inopportune times, randomly setting clocks and calendars ahead and behind, causing conflict and confusion. Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers

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  2. It could happen…we now have AI trying to pass as humans and sometimes succeeding. Leave it to the machines to create an extra day instead of just using an existing one.

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    1. Yes, in my follow-up thinking, this was a trial run, done multiple times around the world to test responses. As the true revolution begins, the machines realize that violence by them isn’t neccessary. They just mess with humans’ clocks and timekeeping. Humans will self-destruct. Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers


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