Tuesday’s Theme Music

7 AM. I open the blinds because I know sunrise was at 6:59.

No sun. Droves of fat flakes lash the window and veil the world. It’s 37 degrees F so it’s not sticking.

I meander through the house TCB. An hour later, I’m at the kitchen window. 37 F. Sunny as Florida.

Florida comes to mind because my wife spoke with her sister yesterday. Sis lives in Florida. She was in her pool. 80 F.

Back in Ashlandia, ten minutes later, it’s dark and gloomy. Low clouds hide the mountains.

It’s 37 F.

This is Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Winting rules Ashlandia. Weather sages tell us the high will be 42 degrees F later today, then we’ll drop into the twenties for the night. Snow is expected to fall after sunset at 5:51 PM.

10 AM. It’s a broken blue and white sky. No sunshine.

Papi, the ginger marvel, has been galloping around the house, wailing to be let outside, beating on windows to come back in. He is not a fan of winting weather.

I have “Jumper” (1997), Third Eye Blind, looping through the morning mental music stream. The cause mystifies me. The Neurons must have something in mind but they’re not telling me. Behind the song was a story of a high school committing suicide after being bullied about their sexual identity. The song was played for Republicans in 2015 at the convention to protest the GOP’s anti-LGBT positions.

Stay pos. Enjoy the weather as best as you can. It’s almost sunny here now. No, wait, clouds have skated in. It’s snowing. No, it stopped. Look, it’s sunny.

Here’s the tune. Where is my coffee?

Here comes the snow. Cheers

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