Thursday’s Theme Music

Inventory was conducted. The winds were still. All fences and local trees were standing. Pavement and land were soaked but no flooding. Clouds, but also blue sky and sunshine. Not like NorCal. The storm slammed them. We were on the edge and fared better. Some power outages. All attending the beer group had identified a local tree as a candidate to fall because the trees’ movements or conditions made it seem like the trees were on edge of crashing down.

The wind went into sledgehammer mode yesterday. I saw a delivery man carrying a box across the street go suddenly sideways. A whirl of leaves rushed him, did a little celebration with him as their locus, and flew on, disturbing to new adventures. Delivery man recovered, lowering his head and plunging on. Rain did the drum solos from “Wipe Out” (Surfaris, 1963) throughout the night. Officially, the highest wind gusts were 65 MPH. The roar and thumps made it sound like more.

It’s January 5, 2023. The planet aimed our valley toward the sun at — again — 7:40 this morning. The rotation will move us toward night at 4:53 PM. 50 degrees F is what the thermometer now says but adds the caveat, “feels like 43”. Today’s high will drag itself up to 53 F. A high wind advisory is in effect.

Today’s song is a Boston favorite which The Neurons loaded into the morning mental music stream. “Don’t Look Back” came out in 1977. It was a Randy favorite. Randy is a friend who passed away years ago. A few months older than me, he never made 60 yo. The boy loved his rock. Not looking back feels imperative today. Make plans. Move on them. Don’t look back on your shortcomings and failures. Determine what stopped you and overcome. Press on.

Stay pos and test neg. I look forward to coffee. Here’s the music, and a toast to you, and your day. Cheers

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