Sunday’s Wandering Thought

Two subjects wander through his mind as he situates himself at the coffee haunt to write. One, it’s raining and holidays are coming. Those conditions always make drivers less attentive and more dangerous. In his two-mile trip to the coffee place, he witnesses two near misses with people in cross walks and another involving cars making turns. Stay alert, he tells himself. Dn’t be one of them.

Two, what’s with the pajamas look? It’s forty degrees F out. Cold rain spits down. It’s leaning toward noon. Yet people of several generations are walking around in sandals with fleece clothes that resembles something worn to bed. And the sandals? Well, the whole ensemble looks like they rolled out of bed and were too lazy to dress and put shoes on. He wonders if they brushed their teeth. Their hair looks uncombed. Well, that’s fashion.

Yeah, he knows, he sounds like a cranky old man.

He knows.

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