Tail of the Bear

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Troubador of Verse

(The poet carries a scar from the experience described below upon her forehead to this day)


Recorded Reading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qf00k47o4qntf8l/tail%20of%20the%20bear%202.mp3?dl=0


Tail of the Bear

In midst of one of those series of sudden changes by which our personal worlds are cracked open to new possibilities, I found myself in deep consultation with my spirit guides late one night in the woods outside of Leadville, Colorado ~ asking what actions I should take to maintain right relationship with the couple with whom I’d driven cross country from Oregon, and been, for the past few weeks, sharing a camp.

“Time to leave,” Spirit said, “unless you want to start undoing all the good work you’ve done with and for these two people. To be on cosmic time, you’ll need to be on the road at dawn tomorrow.”

“Dawn tomorrow?” I asked in dismay. “If I do have to go back out…

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