The Sky Message Dream

I was working in a new restaurant. Many others were there. A number of us were middle managers but didn’t have assigned duties. We’d go around making ourselves useful and organizing things. As I was doing that, I noticed a lot of dust and set out to dust things off. My dusting caused more accumulated dust, so I backed off. The dust seemed odd to me, and I spent time feeling it, trying to figure out what it was.

A tall, geeky friend was there. He was trying to serve drinks with ice in tall glasses. Each time, though, he spilled the drinks or dropped them altogether. I told him, “Maybe this isn’t for you.”

A loud commotion pulled us to another room where employees were around a large television. It was showing a night sky. A message was written in the dark in large, white letters. None of us knew the language. Guesses about who may have written grew. Many people, including me, thought it was extraterrestrials. What kind of message could they be giving us? A threat, a question, a promise? Was this a good omen or something sinister?

I resumed working. Now I was helping another person construct some furniture. It was strangely squared off, tall, and light gray. The tall geek walked in, said, “Oh, no,” and dropped a tray full of drinks right as he reached a table of customers. We were all horrified but then realized they were fake drinks and he had dropped them as a joke. Someone started dusting. I warned them about the increased dust. He saw that happen, too. We discussed whether we could do something differently or use a cloth with a different material. I left him with nothing resolved.

I instead went off and got a tray of food. The tray was red. Someone said, “All of your food is green.” I saw they were right — I had a green salad, green beans, and peas. My dessert was red gelatin, though. Standing around the tray on the table, people joked that I should have gone for the green gelatin.

I was told the boss wanted to see me and went off to find her. She was on the move. As I tried to catch up, people kept interrupting me with questions about how something should be done. Hearing that the boss was outside, I left the building.

The tall geek came out, calling me and hurrying towards me. He said he needed the password to get into the system. I told him it was shoo. As he repeated it with some surprise, I went on about a trick I’d learned to circumvent logging in every time. He seemed confused by it and went away to a silver SUV. I thought he was going to get in and drive away but he put something he was carrying into the vehicle and then walked back towards the building.

I began going off to find more to do. It had been light but was suddenly dark. Looking up, I saw another message written in the night sky. It was like Someone had used chalk on a giant blackboard. I called out for other to see it and recognized it was a different message from before. It also seemed to be in a different writing. I thought that maybe our sky was being used as a message board for alien groups. I began believing that I could figure the dream out and was going to go to the computer to see what I could find about the previous message, if other messages were being seen and if the message was being seen in all night skies.

Dream end.

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