Writing Delays: What You Can’t Control And The One Thing You Can

I’ve learned all of these things. I have tricks to deal with them, but despite that, sometimes I need to learn them again.

K.M. Allan

Even the most organized writer who puts words on the page and completes their writing to-do list every day runs into delays that drag out the process of penning a book.

Such obstacles can test the biggest optimist, and as much as we’d like to think we’re in control of them, the hard truth is that we aren’t, as the following will show.

Writing Delays: What You Can’t Control And The One Thing You Can

What You Can’t Control…

Working On Your Book During Times Of Stress

You won’t know when it’ll happen, ironically adding to the stress, but things will pop up that can make writing near impossible.

This could be on the one day you don’t have time for it, months on end, or even stretch out years (hello, worldwide pandemic!).

The mental toll of uncertainty is just one way to wipe out all of your creativity, and…

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