The Emails from the Past Dream

I was in a small and modern well-lit office, relaxing in a black office chair with my feet up on a desk, a cup of coffee at hand. A computer was on the desk behind me.

I began telling people things that were going to happen, doing so in an offhand way to a close circle of friends and family. I don’t recall details of what I said but they were supposed to happen within a few days to a week. Friends returned and told me that they’d mentioned it to other people who believed these and accepted them as prophecies, surprising me. I laughed about it and then thought, well, I should be doing this via more than just comments made to others, so I began sending texts and emails. I thought of it as a lark, but yet more people were said to believe what I said, and that my following was growing. Friends began suggesting that I start doing things on Youtube, IG, or other social media. I made different jokes about that and then thought, what if I started sending the emails out in the past. As I began doing this, going back and sending emails from a day or two before, I wondered how I was doing that. As it worked though, I thought, can I go further back in time and send emails from yet further back to warn people about things? I tested that idea by going back two to three days at a time at first. Mind you, I wasn’t time traveling, but using a computer that could send emails out from the past. Taking a leap of faith, I decided to try going all the way back to when I first became familiar with email, in 1991.

My computer screen had been white with black sans-serif letters. When I went back in time in the email system, the screen became black with green block letters. I laughed when I saw that, because that’s how I remember the screens being then. I discovered then that how far back I went dictated how far ahead I could predict things. Going back to 1991 allowed me to make predictions for thirty years ahead. I also started learning that I could predict for specific places and people.

All of this continued to take place with me in that office, feet up on my desk, a cup of coffee at hand.

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