Tuesday’s Theme Music

Sunlight barely cracked the sky’s gray vault this morning, showing just enough after the 7:23 AM that mists and showers shrouded the greening mountains. The temperature is 45 F and we expect 57 but the rain on my skin was cold and harsh. Still, I had to go out into it to suck in fresh air, and accept the rain’s light pummeling. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. The rain unimpressed the cats who said, “Mazeltov,” and returned to their beds in the house. Sunset will be at 7:17 this evening.

I have Steve Winwood singing “Freedom Overspill” from 1986 in my head. It’s a favorite Winwood song, although it’s a crowded field. I’ve always liked his delivery and style. It’s the opening stanza that is staying with me today.

Keep on talking all you want
Well you don’t waste a minute of time
Who cares, who knows what’s true
Coffee and tears the whole night through
Burning up on midnight oil
And it’s come right back on you

Freedom overspill

Speaking of coffee…you know. Stay positive, test negative wear a mask, and get the vax. Here’s the tune. Cheers

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