The “I can” Dream

Had another parade of dreams. As I’m in buoyant spirits and have a busy day on top, not going into much except for one piece of one segment.

I was high on a rolling green hill. Clouds marred a perfect blue sky but the clouds also dropped a dash of nostalgia into the moment, as it reminded me of being a young boy in Pittsburgh, PA, in the 1960s. I was an adult in this dream, though, but not the adult I am now. I was somewhere south of my current age, but north of being a man. But I was young, slender, strong.

Standing on a hill, I began chanting and clapping, laughing as I did.

I can, you can, I can, we can.”

As I did this, others joined me. Of about my dream up, they climbed the hill, laughing, chanting, and clapping.

As it went, perspective changed, lifting to enable me to see myself in a crowd of people on a hillside chanting together.

Dream end.

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