Lingua Floofa

Lingua Floofa (floofinition) – Various animal languages and terms cobbled together to establish a common tongue among species and breeds of diverse speech.

In use: “Lingua floofa is commonly employed among pets such as dogs, cats, and hamsters, but movement in the twenty-first century also has farm animals using the language, and animals like deer as they live in closer proximity to humans in cities.”

Chag Sameach and Be Vigilant

Mock Paper Scissors

I’m always amazed at the power of photography to capture great beauty and great evil in the same frame. The resolve and strength in that composition is awe-inspiring.

Always resist. And always celebrate.

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A Messy Dream

I was at a party and having a good time. Two women were trying to seduce me. Both were my age, and brunettes. One was tall and in a red satin blouse while the shorter one wore a forest green shirt. I was an eager participant. But every time that I was alone with one, an interruption would stamp stop. Once, one of the women became sick and vomited. Hah!

Meanwile, I then went out and off to a place being rented by me and others. The others had children and the children were making a mess. We were due to check out in a few hours. Walking around, I was horrified to discover the children had put food everywhere and seemed to have damaged some furniture. I went back to inform their parents, but they were having a good time and ignored me. After failing to get anyone’s attention, I attempted to dismiss it. Going to a recliner, I settled back. Two of my cats showed me, one on either side, which made me happy. The third cat showed up, wandering around the chair, sniffing. One cat jumped down and started going after the other one. The two cats went running around. I called to them to stop, then went to find them when they disappeared.

Other cats appeared. Two were black and white like the cat of mine who chased the other. Each was walking upright on their rear legs. One had a mop of pink hair on its head. The other had yellow hair. I thought each was my cat, Tucker, but realized it wasn’t. Then Tucker came out, walking upright like them, with a mop of light blue hair crowning his head. I tried telling other people to look at these cats but no one did.

A child had locked something up. A really tiny key was needed. I had one but it broke so I went to a counter where a man offered me a similar key. To get it, though, I needed to subscribe to getting a key a month. I didn’t need a key a month so I wasn’t willing to sign up. Looking for something to work as a key, I found some small toy and broke a piece off. That worked.

Sunday’s Theme Music

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it. The observance begins today, Sunday, November 28, 2021, and goes to December 6. Our friend makes terrific latkes, and she shared them with us as part of her Festival of Lights. She moved a few hundred miles away so we won’t have them this year. Sad face.

The sun showed its light at 7:16 AM, which revealed a foggy valley. Temperature is 53 F now, and will climb to 65 today. I’m treating an apparent head cold so I probably won’t be out there enjoying the day. Felt it arriving yesterday after my walk. Coughing woke me at five thirtyish. A sore throat announced its presence, and the energy level was a no-show. Stoppered nose. Teary eyes. Planned some yard work before the sun sets at 4:41 PM, so I’m bummed.

Anastacia with “Sick and Tired” (2004) is bubbling through the morning mental music stream. Her song was about a relationship gone wrong and broken hearts, but I like her vocal style and the song’s grittiness.

Hope you’re doing better. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and booster when you can. Gonna medicate with a cuppa coffee. See it that can summon some energy for writing. Cheers

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