Floofmongous (floofinition) – A huge animal, or animal especially large for its breed or species.

In use: “The floofmongous Derry, a German Shepherd, bounded into the room with one bark that deafened all, and a happy, toothy grin on his face.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Ah, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday — monster trucks, church, and dinner. That’s dominated my life’s Sundays, along with the NFL and NASCAR and other racing. Of course, I was a shift worker for twelve years in the Air Force. Sundays meant less to do at work because little flying was done on Sunday.

Today is November 21, 2021. The sun emerged from Terra’s curve as the planet turned at 7:08 AM, peering at us with watery light through light mist and low clouds. Some blue sky and sunshine are sneaking by patches but the temperature has remained a chill 39 F. We expect a high of 56 F today before the earth’s movement takes the sun away again at 4:45 PM.

I have a little Green Day rolling through the morning mental music stream this AM. The chorus from “J.A.R.” (1995) is going round and round.

And I think it’s all right
That I do what I like
‘Cause that’s the way I want to live

It’s how I give, and I’m still givin’…

h/t to Genius.com

Yes, summarizes my current philosophy. “I want to live, it’s how I give, and I’m still givin’.” Stay positive, test negative, get the vax and booster when you can, and wear a mask as needed. Don’t let complacency undo what you’ve done thus far. Time for coffee. Cheers

The NASA Job Dream

I’d come to work in my car, a glossy black Porsche 911. It’s a vintage model from the early 70s. My job was with NASA, and I wore a black suit with a vest to work.

The work complex was bustling and enormous, featuring sleek trains to transport people around the campus. I went up an elevator to my office. It wasn’t huge, about fourteen by fourteen feet, with a desk, some plants, and standard office furniture. Pleasant, modern, functional. But, I shared it with another person. He had it during the night, and it was mine in the day.

My car had gone through some kind of mess enroute to work, and I was dismayed by its state. A man came along and told me he could detail my car while I worked. That was fine with me and I agreed. Going into the office, I discovered that my job was being terminated. A friend and co-worker came by and told me that I could find another job somewhere in the organization and encouraged me to take a walk through the halls to see what came up. Other workers greeted me friendly. They’d heard the news that I needed a new position. I stopped by an office that had three large letters in gold above the arched doorway where a large, jolly man told me to come in and see him. Going on, we stopped by another office where a second man mentioned that I’d promised him to come by before, and encouraged me to visit with him about a position. A third man encountered at a different office said the same.

My friend and I headed back to the office. He was clapping me on the back, telling me, “See? I told you you’d find another job.” I agreed and felt much better. It was about the end of the work day so he went off to go home. I went to find my car.

It was still being worked on but he’d done a great job. I had to hang around the office complex while I waited. Meanwhile, a friend of his came by and asked me if I had a bar. I didn’t understand what he was saying, but I thought it was bar, and replied that I didn’t have a bar but one was available nearby. They became excited and asked if they could use it. I was perplexed; sure, of course. The friend hurried off and came back in a minute with a wad of cash, which he proffered to me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Money for the bar.”

Conversation to clarify what was meant ensued. I realized what I heard as ‘bar’ was ‘badge’. They wanted to use my badge to enter the building. “No, no, I can’t do that,” I said. “It’s illegal and a security breach.”

The friend went away, irritated and disappointed. My car was done. I was charged $300. It was more than I’d expected but I paid. I was then ready to go home. But I had all these things that I’d brought with me. They couldn’t fit into the car. I don’t know what this stuff was, but I’d apparently been carrying it around.

Aha, I thought. I’ll take it to my office. I went up there. The guy who uses it at night had a meeting going on. Well, just had to interrupt. I stepped in, apologizing, telling them that I was the one who used the office in the day and I had some stuff to put in it. Mock boos rained over me but they laughed as it was done. I laughed, waved good-bye, and left the office to go home.

Dream end.

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