Floofs Alone

Floof Alone (floofinition) – Comedy film about animals’ floofnanigans when they’re behind at home during a holiday and thwart criminals’ attempts to break into the house.

In use: “One of the highlights in Floofs Alone is the sequence when the burglars are kept from entering the house because of traps set by the home’s cats, dog, and bird through clever use of their toys, litter box, aided by the bird’s ability to mimic noises such as police sirens and guns firing, a skill acquired by observing the children’s video games.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

The fog thickens!

Good morn, Earth peeps. Today is November 11, 2021. Sunrise slivered in through the fog about 7 AM and will take its weak warmth away from us as the planet does it spin at about 4:50 PM, providing us with a robust ten hours of sunlight. Fog is depleting the sun’s gifts. Visibility in my locale is down to a hundred feet. The fog’s effect on the scenery always brings dystopian Twilight Zone ideas into my noggin. Like, reality is being eaten away; nothing can be seen because there’s not anything there any longer. With the fog, our temps will rise to 68 F! Are you a believer?

“I’m A Believer” has made itself cozy in the morning mental music stream. I’m not surprised. All that thinking about believing. I alternate between the Monkees version and the Smashmouth cover. I’m going with the Monkees from 1966. Sentimental value, you know. I was ten then. The song was part of our rotation during our basement star fantasies, where we used items resembling microphones, stood on chairs, and sang and played air guitars like we were in front of millions of adoring fans.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and booster when you can. A cuppa coffee is shouting my name. Be rude to ignore him. Here’s the music. Cheers

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