Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunset. 8:37 PM. Darkness rolls in. Stars. Full moon. Breezes cool. Temperature drops. Meanwhile, the world turns. Sunrise. 5:57 AM. And we begin again, something that was started a long time ago and go for far longer time than most of us will know. Chuckle.

Today is July 25, 2021. It’s July’s last Sunday. Makes me want to write something called “Last Sunday”. Good prompt for multiple story vehicles.

High heat is on for today. And wildfire smoke. Yeah, it’s a dry heat.

I’m inclined toward “Uh huh” by Jade Bird (2018) today. Hadn’t heard it for a few years, then heard it yesterday. Reminded me of how much I enjoy the song. Good background music for my head as I’m going about my activities. Song is humorous commentary to me and I like the beat and song style.

So, here we go. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask when needed, get that vax. Almost started singing “Come Together” in my head, thinking, if we come together, we can beat this thing. Anyway, music. Cheers

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